Smile Design Makeover

Your smile is your strongest asset and the most important facial feature determining attractiveness and your overall confidence. After years of wear and tear from grinding, decay, or daily life, you may be considering refreshing and rehabilitating your smile. Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary technique using a facially driven approach that allows us to create a smile in harmony with your face. Using digital workflows, software and our master ceramist, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentist, Dr. Lior Tamir is able to plan, design, simulate and deliver the smile you've always dreamed of in a few easy steps.


Once we have discussed your aesthetic goals and you’ve decided to move forward with treatment, we take digital records and start planning your case.

Smile Design starts with a careful analysis of your facial aesthetics. Using digital techniques, we evaluate the location of your smiles lines and facial profile. Your new smile is designed to enhance your facial esthetics while also restoring biology, function and structure. By planning every aspect of the case digitally we are able ensure predictability and that your smile will look and function as intended. Dr. Tamir is able to simulate your new smile and ensure that the procedure is as minimally invasive as possible.  

It’s important that your new smile feels just right for you and during planning, you are able to test drive your smile in your mouth. This process allows you to envision and see how your new smile will look once you complete treatment.

First Appointment

Dr. Tamir will minimally shape your teeth and fit you with temporary veneers or crowns that you will wear as our master ceramist works to hand-make ceramic restorations that mimic real teeth in every way. Our master ceramist uses cutting edge layering techniques to give your restorations the anatomy, translucency and final shade that mimics natural teeth. Using the best ceramic materials allows us to deliver maximum strength, functionality, and aesthetics.

After wearing the temporaries for several days, the patient returns to provide feedback and make any final adjustments before the final delivery of your new smile.

Second Appointment

In this appointment, Dr. Tamir removes the temporaries and fits the permanent restorations to your teeth. on the new teeth. Using the latest bonding techniques we ensure that your restorations properly integrate with your teeth and gums.

Once cemented, we use digital bite sensors (T-Scan) to balance your bite and make any adjustments.

Third Appointment

As a follow up, we will have you come in for any final adjustments and approval to make sure you love your new smile.

You will leave the office with a beautiful, authentic smile that’s been crafted perfectly for you.
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