Our Approach

Specializing in laser and digital dentistry, our dental office relies on minimally-invasive procedures using the latest in dental technology. Preventative care is at the heart of Bloom Dental Group’s approach. We work with each patient on a one-on-one basis to design the smile of their dreams.

We’re open five days a week and by appointment on Saturdays, with convenient online scheduling and easy parking in downtown San Mateo.

Why Holistic Dental Care?

We understand that your smile is your superpower and that in order to provide long term care for your smile we must understand how tooth biology, function and structure impact your overall health. Preventative care is at the core of our philosophy. With an interdisciplinary approach, we incorporate the latest research and technology into every visit to help patients prevent major dental issues like gum disease, cavities, tooth decay and tooth loss. By combining in depth exams, digitalization of records and minimally-invasive preventive procedures our doctors focus on restoring and ensuring your smile stays healthy.


Our dental practice is committed to using the most advanced technologies available to minimize pain, discomfort, procedure time and recovery. Through digital dentistry we can diagnose and treat you quickly, comfortably, and effectively.
  • Whether preparing a crown or taking measurements for Invisalign, digital scanners help provide a perfect fit.
  • From placing Invisalign to creating night guards and retainers, everything is digital; no more gooey impressions for a more comfortable visit.
  • CAD/CAM and 3D printers mill crowns, inlays and onlays on the spot and make surgical guides that help us deliver an implant into exact position.
  • Cutting-edge lasers and sensors make every procedure more comfortable and help reduce recovery time.
  • High-res digital x-ray sensors and intraoral cameras instantly reveal what's going on in your mouth. You will see everything we see so that you can get the full picture, too.

Community Outreach

The name Bloom Dental Group is derived from our mission to help transform the community around us. Giving back is part of our DNA. Every year the office goes on a service trip to an underserved community. On these missions, we have the opportunity to volunteer our dental services to patients who lack access to proper care, bringing the Bloom Dental Group touch to those who need it most.

Hygiene Products

Bloom Dental Group patients leave the office with some of the most luxurious hygiene products on the market. Your new samples of Cocofloss and Marvis toothpaste and mouthwash ensure that your at-home dental experience is just as excellent as the care you receive in the office.