Dental Veneers in San Mateo

Dental veneers are one of the best alternative treatments for a variety of dental concerns compared to options like orthodontia or surgery. By using the patient’s smile as a blueprint, porcelain veneers not only enhance a person’s looks, but they can also positively impact oral health.

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are hard, tooth-shaped outer coverings crafted from porcelain that are adhered to the front surface of the teeth to create enhanced cosmetics. Each veneer is customized from a mold of the patient’s teeth, perfectly mimicking appearance with function that blends in with the patient’s natural appearance.

Candidates for Veneers

Evaluating each patient’s case, our team at Bloom Dental Group will perform cosmetic imaging to form a 3D model of the mouth while also taking digital X-rays with digital photographs to create impressions of the mouth. These steps address the structure and health of the teeth, allowing our dentists to assess if dental veneers are a possible solution.

Veneers can effectively correct the following dental issues by fixing one or many teeth at a time:
• Helping to Brighten Your Smile
• Discolored Teeth
• Irregularly Shaped Teeth
• Gaps Between Teeth
• Tooth Surface Wear
• Chipped and Broken Teeth
• Misaligned Teeth

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